Veteran owned Private Security Agency with a track record of 10+ years providing quality security services, a proof to our dedication and dependability. ARMED & UNARMED physical security protection at many levels. Our trained and experienced Protection Officers with backgrounds in Law Enforcement and Advanced Military Special Operations conduct duties from high risk assignments such as safeguarding highly classified property, to close personal protection operatives such as private protection and bodyguarding, routinely mitigating attacks from physical threat or to deter potentially violent media scrutiny, etc. DCO's or DCS PROTECTION OFFICERS specialize in protective intelligence and threat assessment for physical on-site security protection and property patrol.



Much of our services include,
  • Emergency Alarm Response
  • Personal Protection Services
  • Private Bodyguard Services
  • Loss Provention, Retail
  • Residential/ Commercial Property Patrol
  • Fire Watch Services
  • Excutive Security Protection
  • Security Escort Services
  • Risk Assessment and Crisis Management
  • Special Event Security. . . .

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