The Services We Provide

DC Star Security consist of prior Law Enforcement,
Military, and Off-Duty Officer Services for:


- Undercover Surveillance and Security Investigation

- On-Call Armed and Unarmed Protection Officers

- Special Operations and Threat Management

- Protective Order / Restraining Order Security Protection

- High Profile Marked and Undercover Security Patrol

- National Security and Government Security Clearance Officers

- Professional / Immediate Response Services


DC Star provides Armed and Unarmed Security Protection
Officers and Patrol Services for:


- Hi/Low Profile Visitor Escort Services

- Commercial and Residential Properties

- Alarm Response/Emergency Response

- Executive Protection and Bodyguard Services

- Special Event Security

- Loss Prevention for Commercial/Retail

- Restricted Area Security

- Retail/merchandising Security

- Celebrity Protection Detail

- Including Various On-site and Patrol Assignments

- Celebrity Protection


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